Tea + Overactive Bladder = Bad Combination

One of my more annoying symptoms, which I first noticed this past summer, is difficulty holding urine for long periods of time. My mother used to scold me when I was young for going to the bathroom so infrequently. “You’re going to get a kidney infection!” she’d complain. I could hold it with the best of them. Now? Not so much.

Praise God above, I have no trouble making it to the bathroom IF there is one close by. Unfortunately, my job is such that I’m often nowhere near a restroom for much of some days. This requires frequent planning, occasional creativity…and the rare incident of peeing my pants. No, I’m not kidding. Yes, I wish I were.

During the summer, it’s bad because I drink copious amounts of water (I live in Florida and I work outside. You do the math.) But now it’s February, and I have no excuse.

I like to drink tea. Hot or cold, doesn’t matter, it’s a good beverage. This morning was a little cool so I stopped at the 7-11 on my way to work and grabbed a large cup of hot tea, then went about my day. Alas, as we know, tea is a diuretic. Around 9:30 a.m., I was needing the bathroom. ‘Round about  11 o’clock, I was desperate.

Now, I could have stopped what I was doing and gone a little out of my way to the restroom. And in hindsight, I should have. This is, after all, not my first go-round at the “hold-your-water” rodeo. But…”3 more stops,” I told myself. But as 3 became 2 the urge to go got more intense and as 2 became 1 that package was heavy and I had to jerk it off the shelf and…I dribbled. More than a bit.

My bladder didn’t completely empty, thank God; I don’t know what I would have done if it had. It was bad enough as it was. I’m sure it was visible on my uniform pants, once I finally got to the location where there was a bathroom, and had to walk past people, and ask for the key…ugh. But oh, that relief when I finally let it out. Of course, the tea continued to do its work and I had to go AGAIN not even an hour later…not as urgently and I made it to the next restroom in time. I love being a woman, but it’s times like this that I envy my male coworkers who can just pee in a bottle if they need to, you know??

I have options. A.) Always bring an extra pair of shorts & underwear! B.) Wear Depends. C.) Don’t drink the wrong things. And D.) Sacrifice the time and GO when I need to! Or I guess there’s E.) I could get this:

goGirl_prodShot3_hp (image from http://www.go-girl.com)

It was embarrassing, yes. But it’s not that big of a deal. It could be worse (it can ALWAYS be worse). It dried eventually (thank goodness for a high in the mid-70s today; don’t you wish you lived here?) and I went on with my day. And I only had to pee 3 more times in the next 9 or so hours. In the future I will avail myself of one or more of the above options (although I confess that I plan to put off B.) for as long as I can) and life goes on. After all, I am still mostly the same (despite MS)…I just sometimes pee my pants.

Edit March 11, 2015: I did get the Go Girl device and I love it!!!!


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