22mcg Rebif…A Nice Little Vacation

A couple of months ago, I was told (after some routine blood work ordered by my neurologist) that my white blood cell count was low. I was told to halve my usual 44mcg thrice-weekly dose of Rebif using a titration clip until the next blood test, which I had this past Monday.

It was around a month and a half that I was on the half dose, and it really was like a vacation from the drug. I feel that I tolerate Rebif very well, and (whether attributable to Rebif or not), I’ve been relapse-free for two years so something must be going right. BUT, 44mcg injections are often painful and give me full-body aches the next day. With 22mcg, I had none of that.

Today I was told that the white blood cell count had come up and I can re-start full dose injections.


(Disclaimer: despite complaining about the 44mcg dose of Rebif, I really do enjoy being relapse-free. I am grateful for what I have!)


3 thoughts on “22mcg Rebif…A Nice Little Vacation

  1. I would be grateful if the docs would try me on some meds of some sort… I’ve recently met someone who was given steroidal treatment without a diagnosis but my docs refuse to treat me, despite 2 previous ‘relapses’/’episodes’ and permanent loss of visual field each time. Recently started a 3rd episode. Sorry for the rant.

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