Neurologist visit today

I saw my neurologist again today. Uneventful visit, except my mother was there with me and she got to ask questions.

I’m doing fine. I didn’t get my latest bloodwork done, which didn’t enable me to get an MRI before this doctor visit, but that’s OK. New plan: get bloodwork done ASAP; have MRI in August; go off Rebif in September to try to conceive; see Dr. Rosenberg again in November. Fabulous.

And you know what that means—only 5 more months of Rebif for awhile. (I’m over it…a post coming soon about my recent difficulties with staying compliant.)


Mid-Florida MS Walk 2014

This was the second year I’ve done the MS walk here in Orlando, at beautiful Baldwin Park.


The weather was gorgeous, the lake was, as always, beautiful, and I had two of the most important people in my life alongside me: my mother and my sweet ex-husband. I’m incredibly fortunate to have people who care about me and are with me on this journey every step of the way.