Since the excitement of the relapse…

I feel much better. I’m mostly the same.

I had 3 days of Solumedrol. I had the terrible knee pain for ONE day (happy dance!). My balance and coordination have returned to normal. I no longer look glassy-eyed or seem intoxicated. My speech has mostly recovered but I still trip over certain words. I plan to return to work on Monday March 30th.

I’m still fatigued, a bit more than usual, but I have no doubt I’ll be OK. If this is a relapse, I’ll take it! I can deal with that.


There’s a first time for everything…including a relapse!

That’s right, I am having one. My first after 4 years!

My symptoms this time are completely different. No tingling, no numbness. But. My tongue feels all twisted up in my mouth…I sound slurry and drunk…and my balance and coordination are slightly off. I am not working right now because I drive a commercial vehicle for a living and I feel unsafe doing so.

Starting SoluMedrol tomorrow….ohhhhhh, joy.