Being & staying compliant with my treatment regimen…..or not so much

I took the Rebif injection from May 2011 until the first week of September 2014. I started out fierce, determined to be always compliant with the regimen.

Uh-huh. As time wore on I started taking it at more random times on the appointed day. Then came the dreaded day, years ago, when I decided I didn’t feel like taking my injection some Monday, Wednesday, or Friday and pushed it to the next day. Which meant that it pushed the following injection back. And so on and so forth.

During my three and a half years on Rebif I probably outright skipped around 10 or so doses. Those happened towards the end of my time taking it. Not bad out of over 500 injections but still. I didn’t want to be That Person who skips doses because it’s inconvenient and annoying.

My side effects were noticeable but not horrible. It wasn’t something I was incapable of dealing with…I just got lazy.

I’ve been off it now for 8 months. If we’re successful in getting pregnant, I’ll go back on afterwards, and the fight to stay compliant will begin again.