A Pregnancy Story

Greetings and salutations. After a LONG hiatus, I’m back, better than ever….and a mom!

We found out I was pregnant on June 7, 2015. Although I had been off the Rebif injection since September of 2014, we didn’t start trying to conceive until the following May….which, yes, means it took us one try! Getting that positive test result was one of the most exciting moments of my life. I had always dreamed of and wanted to become a mother, and God willing it was finally going to happen.

As has always been customary with my personality and the course of my MS, I wasn’t concerned at all. I had done my research and had spoken to my neurologist and my previous OB/GYN and knew that not only did MS pose no specific risks to fertility and pregnancy, but the possibility of a relapse during gestation was greatly less than while not pregnant. And I’d just had one in March of 2015, so, knocking on wood, I figured I’d be good!

Well, I was correct—not only did I have no MS symptoms during the pregnancy**, the pregnancy itself was probably one of the most uneventful in the history of time. I felt fabulous throughout; no morning sickness, minimal discomfort beyond the fatigue of trimesters 1 and 3. I even continued at my job as a full-time delivery driver until the 23-week mark. (At that point I had slowed down enough that it didn’t make good business sense to continue, despite the fact that I was still physically capable of doing the job—in that line of work, time is money and taking too long is too much money wasted!)

Albeit reluctantly, I did advise my midwife of the MS sometime mid-to-late in the pregnancy. As she is totally kickass cool not a worrier, she didn’t think it was a big deal. Which it isn’t! So nice to be of one mind with pregnancy stuff and health issues (nonissues) in general. (I highly recommend using a midwife for pregnancy and delivery if possible, for what it’s worth.)

As with the vast majority of women, I did not deliver on my “due date” (which is nonsense anyway) of February 18th. No, the baby decided that more time would be appropriate—another week and a day, to be exact. Which brings us to a labor story….post coming tomorrow!


**The only symptom possibly relating to MS was a random, uncontrollable itching on my lower arms, wrists, and skin along the outside of the base of my thumbs that began during the third trimester. I say “uncontrollable” to the point that I scratched until I bled and then scabbed. Horrifying! Exhaustive Google searches yielded few answers, as did a blood test for liver cholestasis—negative on that, and thank God because that’s no joke. I had a neuro appointment in December and they didn’t know, nor did my midwife. It mostly resolved after I delivered—unfortunately it still occasionally flares up. Benadryl cream works slightly; an ice pack works better. If any MSer who is also a mom reads this and had something similar, please comment and let me know! Bonus points if you actually know what it is, because I am very curious!



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