Stay out of my spinal column 

I am unusual among persons diagnosed with MS in that I have never been subjected to a lumbar puncture for the purpose of diagnosis or any other reason. I was diagnosed via an MRI in 2011 that showed such a large spinal lesion and two smaller brain lesions that it was unmistakable. 

I hate the idea of a needle going anywhere near my spinal column so much that it was in part why I wanted nothing to do with an epidural during childbirth. There is no way I would want a lumbar puncture; the very idea makes me queasy. No, you certainly will not insert a huge hollow needle into my back and withdraw cerebrospinal fluid, thanks very much. Just no. 

Thank goodness for modern diagnostic practices based on imaging and observation of symptoms alone. A needle in my spinal column. WITHDRAWAL OF FLUID. Are you kidding me??


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