Pregnant with MS, version 2.0

On April 22, we found out that our family is expecting baby #2. I’m still in the first trimester and if you’ll recall from an earlier post, my fatigue has been out of this world. In fact, I’d swear it’s even worse than when I was pregnant with Kira because I’m no longer working the long physical hours I was then—and I strongly believe in the correlation between physical activity and the reduction in fatigue.

Unfortunately I’ve allowed it to become a vicious cycle in that the crappier I’ve felt, the LESS I’ve exercised, and so the last couple of months have been a blur of exhaustion and non-motivation and lather, rinse, repeat. It needs to stop—but making it stop is all up to me.

My next neurologist visit is next week. It’s always enjoyable to go to the neurologist pregnant—gets me out of discussions about Rebif and MRIs. 😉




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