A neurological symptom

My big toe on the left foot has a wonky nerve right now. It feels like there’s a strand of hair wrapped around the middle of it. Gross. 

I’m waiting to see what (if anything) happens next. 



My diagnosis was in April of 2011…relapsing/remitting MS.

I knew what it was before they told me for sure. I knew when I first felt the symptoms (numbness first, then weakness); I knew as I lay freezing cold in the MRI machine taking pictures of my brain and spine. And I knew when the neurologist called me on my cell phone less than an hour after I left the radiologist. The MRI is indicative of multiple sclerosis…you will be on SoluMedrol right away… I was getting food at Chipotle. I had to excuse myself from the line to go to the bathroom and cry.

When the symptoms began, I went to CentraCare. Being without a primary doctor, there was nowhere else to go. The numbness was my only symptom at that point, starting at a spot midway on my left abdomen and radiating outward slowly but surely until it covered my entire left side within two days. The doctor told me to go to the E.R. if I developed muscle weakness. I laughed inside myself and disregarded…even a couple of days later, when the muscle weakness indeed started on my lower left leg. It wasn’t an emergency. The emergency would have been had I had to pay for an emergency-room MRI rather than the one my insurance paid for in the radiology clinic.

In the year 2012, I am a blogging novice. I hope I get readers. I hope you all are out there, my fellow neurologically challenged.